EWG-DSS 7th International Conference on Decision Support System Technology

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Decision Support Systems, Analytics and Technologies in response to Global Crisis Management

ICDSST 2021 is EWG-DSS’s 7th International Conference, following the six previous  successful International Conferences on Decision Support System Technology (ICDSST 2020 in Zaragoza; ICDSST 2019 in Madeira; ICDSST 2018 in Crete; ICDSST 2017 in Namur; ICDSST 2016 in Plymouth; and ICDSST 2015 in Belgrade) as listed below.

Since 1989 when the EWG-DSS was founded, the society has organized annual events including workshops, mini-conferences and conference-streams. These events have received wide participation from researchers, academics, practitioners, developers and other professionals within the EWG-DSS network and colleagues from other international DSS communities and professional societies. Along with the fast increase of our membership and scale of our events, not only in terms of numbers but also the internationalization, in 2015 the EWG-DSS decided to re-brand its major annual event as international conference. The ICDSST conferences have the unique title of International Conference on Decision Support System Technology, but with a different theme each year following the trend and state-of-the-art in the DSS field. The name of the conference has a corporate identity with the name of the IJDSST journal, which is the official journal publication of the Euro Working Group on Decision Support System, having published several special issues from research conducted by the EWG-DSS.

The ICDSST 2021 aims to investigate the role DSS and related technologies can play in mitigating the impact of pandemics and post-crisis recovery.

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