Special session

Decision Support Systems and Crisis management: European research and innovation between challenges and opportunities under Horizon Europe

Richard Tavares (European Commission, Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA), BE)

Facing increasing challenges and needing to protect public health and society from crises and threats, such as climate change, extreme events, industrial accidents or the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, the European Union (EU) has established in recent decades an extensive framework of thematic programmes and regulatory actions in different areas involving Decision Support Systems (DSS) and crisis management. These need constant updating and must rely on solid scientific evidence to be credible.

Acknowledging that research and innovation are key to respond and prevent the effects of actual and future challenges with new and adequate DSS and crises management approaches/methods, the EU has responded in the last decades by providing increasing financial support for the necessary underpinning research to consolidate scientific knowledge base through its Framework Programmes of Research and Innovation. The development, test and implementation of new or improved DSS and innovative management approaches/methods in different areas of research and innovation emerged especially in FP7 and Horizon 2020 with increasing EU contribution.

This presentation will consist on an introductory overview of some of the Horizon 2020 funded projects involving with relevant DSS and crisis management development and test components, in different areas of research and innovation, as well as, an outline of the new Framework Programme- Horizon Europe, which started in 2021. A particular attention will be given to the main differences between Horizon Europe and Horizon 2020 Framework Programmes and some practical recommendations for the preparation and submission of proposals.

A brief biography of Richard Tavares:

Environmental Engineer-PhD, Richard Tavares is Project Adviser at the European Climate, Environment and Infrastructures Executive Agency, CINEA, where he manages European projects and programmes in the fields of climate action, earth system modelling, cities and air pollution. Previously he was Project Manager in the French National Research Agency, ANR, where managed European projects and international calls for proposals for co-funding projects for the Water JPI (2017-2020) and Peer-Review Officer at the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, PRACE, where managed international calls for proposals to access the European High Performance Computing resources and services (2015-2017). He also conducted research and consultancy activities, as Researcher, in the fields of engineering, environment, air pollution, industrial accidents, modelling and DSS, risk management, climate change, urban green infrastructures and mobility in the University of Aveiro (2005-2012) and Ecole Centrale de Nantes (2012-2015).